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Grate Top Fold-Away Table

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Prime Teak Products are sustainably sourced from only the finest, Grade "A" premium timber under the strict supervision of the Royal Forestry Department of Thailand and hand assembled by skilled craftsmen. Prime Teak Products are designed and built to last a lifetime while providing the very best in beauty and durability for your home, deck, spa, patio, garden, or lanai.

Our premium teak products resist the perils of sun and moisture that destroy most other types of wood, making it an excellent choice for use outdoors. Teak is resistant to warping, rotting, termites, and other insects. It can withstand the most extreme weather conditions including salt, sun, and rain. Because of teak's unique properties, it has been the choice of mariners for centuries. When teak is exposed to the year-round outdoor climate, it will over time mature to a silvery grey color. To preserve the rich gold finish and enhance the grain, apply a golden teak oil regularly. Teak does not require any type of finish to maintain long life or preserve its surface.

2.75'' H x 17.75'' L x 18'' W
23'' H x 17.5'' L x 2.75'' W
15'' H
Overall Product Weight

9 lb. 

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